外人の友人たちとの会話やメールのやり取りの中から、気になるフレーズやイディオムをほぼ毎日抜粋しています♪ ...こちらのサイトではネイティブスピーカーからのアドバイスやソースに限定して掲載しています^^

--------(--) --:-- スポンサー広告 編集 |
pen1_31.gif at its disposal: 自由に使える

~ 本日もまたLang-8の友人からの引用です ~

Japanese has "suru" and katakana at its disposal for the importation of foreign words.

English doesn't have either, so things get a little complicated.

Usually Japanese words are treated as uncountable nouns.

例えば:"some senbe", "some natto", "some okonomiyaki"

But with sushi, you say "a piece of sushi", and with manga you say "a manga".
でも寿司は「a piece of sushi」で、マンガは「a manga」と呼びます。

There aren't really any rules to it, but if you mess up you might confuse people T0T

Other examples are "an anime", "a chawan" and "a yukata".
I had a disagreement with an English teacher once over the importing of a Japanese word, but now I can't remember what it was about @0@ Ah well

"Karate" is a difficult one.
In Japanese games and sports and whatever are all covered by "suru", but in English things like "karate" and "sumo" aren't games, so you can't say "play".
I don't really know what the rules are.
Maybe because they don't use balls?
You can't use "play" when you talk about "horseback riding", "gymnastics" or "kendo", either.
You say "do karate", "sumo wrestle", "go horseback riding", "do gymnastics" and "do kendo".
It's difficult @0@

223.gif  例文
have a team of legal experts at its disposal

(^_-)-☆ That is all for today, thanks for reading ♪

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